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Waking up early should not mean missing out on a delicious breakfast !

Whether because you wish to recharge your batteries before work or simply because you have time ahead of you, we will be delighted to welcome you in the morning.

From 8am to 11am we offer you a gourmet, healthy, traditional or express breakfast to satisfy your desires.

Croissant, pain au chocolat, baguette, hot drinks or freshly squeezed orange juice ... everything is prepared with tasty and traditional produces inspired by the real ritual of the French.


French :    £9.90

Freshly squeezed orange juice

½ baguette with butter and jam

Croissant & pain au chocolat

Hot chocolate, tea or coffee


Healthy :    £8.50

Freshly squeezed orange juice

Bowl of Greek yogurt with banana, muesli, chia seeds, mix of nuts and honey



Classic :    £7.50

Freshly squeezed orange juice

Croissant or Pain au Chocolat

Muesli with milk


Croissant with butter & jam £2.50                                                                                

Croissant bacon with butter £5.10                                                                                        

Croissant salmon with cream cheese, lemon & fresh dill £5.60                                          

½ Baguette with butter & jam £3.10                                                                                     

½ Baguette with Nutella £2.90

Pain au chocolat £2.50

Ham & cheese savoury crêpe £6.90

Stack of 5 Pancakes with bacon and maple syrup £7.50

Stack of 5 Pancakes with banana, peanut butter, maple syrup 7 walnuts £7.50

Fried Eggs, bacon & French fries £7.50