Mixte *: £ 7.50

Cheddar, ham   


Complète * :  £7.90

Grated emmental, fried egg, ham  

4 Cheeses *: £8.90

Cheddar, mozzarella, goat cheese, blue cheese    


Farmyard *:  £8.90

Grated emmental, chicken, crème fraîche, potatoes

Pizz *: £8.90

Mozzarella, ham, goat cheese, tomatoes, tomato sauce, oregano     


Parisian *: £8.90

Grated emmental, fresh mushroom, crème fraiche, ham, fried  egg 


Indian *: £8.90

Grated emmental, potatoes, chicken, peppers , curry sauce

Galette of the month * : £8.90

-  see the board   


Queen : £9.90

Cheddar cheese, coronation chicken, potatoes    

Sausage : £9.90

Cheddar cheese, lorne sausage, fried egg, brown sauce    


Mexican : £10.90

Cheddar, chicken, chorizo, sweet chili sauce, peppers, mushrooms    


Normandy : £10.90

Grated emmental, caramelized apple, camembert, chicken, honey  


Racletta :  £12.90

Grated emmental, raclette cheese, ham, potatoes, mushrooms, crème fraiche   


Norwegian : £12.90

Grated emmental, smoked salmon, crème fraîche, potatoes, fresh dill

Royal Bacon : £12.90

Grated emmental, cheese slices, bacon, tomatoes, minced beef, brown sauce,  onions   


Burger :  £12.90

Grated emmental, cheese slices, tomatoes, minced beef, burger sauce, onions      

Mega Burger :  £14.90

Grated emmental, double cheese slices, bacon, tomatoes, double minced beef, onions, burger sauce

* Included in the lunch menu 



Lettuce Bowl £1.90

Chips £2.90

Chips & cheddar cheese £3.50

Chips & raclette cheese £3.90


All our salads are made with fresh produce and seasoned with homemade « vinaigrette ».

Marion’s favorite : £10.90

Salad, tomatoes, cucumber, goat cheese toast, honey, chicken, croutons, walnuts, red onions


Italian :  £10.90                                                      

Salad, tomatoes, mozzarella di Bufala, cucumber, serrano, marinated olives, breadstick


French : £11.90 

Salad, tomatoes, cucumber, brie de Meaux, apple, cranberry jam, chicken, walnuts


Ocean : £12.90                                     

Salad, tomatoes, cucumber, tuna rillette toast, smoked salmon, radish, lemon, fresh dill

Special dietary requirement ?     

Please let a member of the team know and we will do our best to accommodate you