We are pleased to open the doors of the most stunning French tea house. We are happy to make you live a unique experience that you will find only here in Scotland.

Because tea is an inspiration, we work with the amazing brand "Palais des thés" ( the Tea's palace). 

Its carefully selected range of teas and herbal teas will invite you to discover many refined flavours.

This selection will slightly change throughout the seasons to diversify our offer.

For the coffee, it's privilegied to work with "Unorthodox Roasters", a band of young passionate who have decided to travel around

the countries of South America ( Brazil, Bolivia, Columbia... over 10 countries on a 10 months travel).

In regards with coffee, it is a privilege to work with "Unorthodox Roasters", a team of young and passionate entrepreneurs who have decided to travel around Southern America countries such as Brazil, Bolivia, Columbia and many more, in order to share their very own approach to coffee roasting.


Their coffee is roasted at Kinross and promotes fair trade, which is dear to us.

Every trimester, you will be able to try a new coffee flavour from "Unorthodox Roasters".


Espresso £1.90

Americano £2.70               

Latte £2.90

French capuccino with whipped cream £2.90

Flat white £2.90                  

Hot chocolate £3.10

Hot chocolate with marshmallow and whipped cream £3.50

Hot Kinder chocolate with whipped cream £3.90

*Soya milk or lactose free milk available  for an extra  £0.30

*Decaf shot available for an extra £0.30



  • Black Teas £2.90


Le thé des Lords (Earl Grey) - Bergamot

Paris for him – Citrus, coriander & vanilla

Thé des amants – Apple & ginger


  • Green Teas £3.20

Le thé vert à la Menthe – Mint

Paris for her – Rose, rasperry & litchi


  • Fruit Teas £3.50

Roïboos des vahinés – Vanilla & almond

Jardin à la française  – Pear, apple & mulberry leaf

Jardin des reines – Apple, cinnamon & almond


Perfect Red – Raspberry, strawberry, pineapple £4.90

Pink Paradise – Banana, strawberry £4.90

Magic Potion – Spinach, apple, kiwi £4.90


Ohlala – Orange juice, apricot juice, pineapple juice, grenadine syrup £4.90

Jungle  – Mango juice, orange juice, pineapple juice, grenadine syrup £4.90

Virgin Mojito – Fresh mint, lemonade, lime £4.90

French Cancan – Orange juice, pineapple juice, strawberry syrup £4.90

Soleil soleil – Tropical fruit juice, pineapple juice, lemon syrup £4.90

Froufrou – Orange juice, fresh lemon juice, pineapple juice, grenadine syrup £4.90

Saint Tropez – Orange juice, fresh lemon juice, fresh lime juice, grenadine syrup £4.90



Vanilla £4.50

Chocolate £4.50

Strawberry £4.50